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Weapon Fash Revert

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Not sure if this has ever been brought up so just say so if it has been.
Was talking with friends today and all love the idea, however not sure if it is even possible but worth an ask.
PS. Removed the 'title' suggestion hehe

Regarding Weapon Fashion

This would be amazing if possible in my opinion. Basically I was wondering if there could be an NPC feature that allows the player to change the gender requirement for the weapon fashion from male to female or vise-versa. I have a toon full of female weapon fashions but main a male toon now, however it is way to much effort to save up the gold, ec, or st needed to get my hands on either the fash itself, or token needed to get one. If we could simply alter the (F) to (M) or vise-versa then it'll save a ton of time. Only issue with this I'm guessing, is that some weapon fashions have minor differences depending if it is (M) or (F), therefore changing it to the opposite gender would be impossible. Worth an ask though.

I get if some people will reply with, "Just save the gold or resources and get yourself the weap fash stingy player', but is only a suggestion that requires a yes or no  ;)

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No. If you could trade away special titles, they wouldn't become special anymore.... Taking away their entire purpose as I could just buy one instead of having to actually win an event. Awful idea. As to reverting back to item form, obviously not possible.

As for weapon fashion, here's what COULD be done, is to make it a reforge just like Phy Belt -> Mag Belt. Simply have the Female sword replace the male sword and vise versa via recraft.
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Why one contradicts. We often contradict an opinion, while actually it is only the tone with which it was advanced that we find disagreeable.

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At first my reaction was "you obtained them already,
just do te same on your next alt and you will have them on both".

But the idea of "reforging" expensive M to F and F to M is good.
(OFC, No need to do it with cheap ones from NPC...LOL)


YES to weapon fashion. Time to break out more NPC's!
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Removed the title suggestion as yes, it is rather silly lol

Glad to see ppl on board with the fash suggestion though, hopefully it sees the eyes of Agatio^^
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- Only bumping this in hopes a GM sees it this time^^ -



Very convenient for sharing weapon fashion items between different toons with different genders.

I really like this idea since it is possible. It should get approved :)

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It has been suggested before but got rejected I don't remember why. +1 anyway

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+1 to the suggestion. And there should be a way to be able to change the reskin back to a token so you can get a whole new reskin since reskins are almost impossible to sell these days.  :normal-19:


+1 to the suggestion. And there should be a way to be able to change the reskin back to a token so you can get a whole new reskin since reskins are almost impossible to sell these days.  :normal-19:
That token would ruin the whole economy...  :monkey-20:

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+1 can confirm will improve game health

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+1 need them fashion weapons

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