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Fall Over - Bug aka Zombie Patch?

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(Note: veno/ea worked for me and ET said mystics working too +  on his sin
, so not sure if it's just for Tideborn's or if i broke my char again -sigh- relogging didnt help)
(Note 2: works on my male psy, ----- seems like its not working on female Psy's [made a new char to test it])

So was making some Screenshots and tried the different actions (E). After using the "Fall Over"-Action my char got 'stuck'. Normally its supossed to lay on the ground (falls over, stands up, falls over again and stays on ground) but yeah...

This is what happened:
(And i think the neck doesnt look good at all :c maybe broken... means im a zombie psy o.o)

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I get this too.. Really annoying when I wanna fall down LOL

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i like how it look rofl

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Lol, I actually won a fashion contest with this bug before. Put on the biker helm. With the shirt with the tie and nothing but a bikini on my Girl psy...and did this action. I won best "drunk" outfit.  ;)

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New "Walking Dead" patch...SURPRISE :-X

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