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Numen - Cromagnon village destruction

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changed music to hc hiphop, and playstyle abit have fun guys thx for watching

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almost as good as infraction good video bro

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Annhilation lmao
Nice one m8

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Never forget where you came from - Artifex is #1 for a reason, that reason hasn't changed.
I've never seen 70 people fall that fast.
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Once again artifex dominate over the server, enjoyed the video. Good quality, game play and aite music

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Damn the Holy Mage with a vit/mag spark genie is real

new era, good vibes maxy
Only care about her


Nice one men I like the music
good pk
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Ari best players = ex - xpen = ex - enemy's 

If xpen come back = Ari eat .... In flore 

Like to see that if happen 

On topic : I don't care

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Nice video Maxy , always good to remind some people where they came from when they open they're mouth to spit non sense  :normal-1: :normal-2:
Sage MG yolo bro..

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Nice video!!! Fun PK!!!
Just proved to them even if they got alot of ppl now Artifex still kick them ass!!!  ;)
Need more merge or need simply Warning help back  :rolleyes:
Cash me ousside how bow dahhh


that's great homo

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Nice Video Sir  :-\

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Sage #1 maxy Demon #1 AiZoX Nice video bro

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nice vid dude, fun pk :police:

this kinda makes me wanna try out sage