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Angry birds style

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  • great one
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hard to keep up with 30 people backstabbing but it ain't easy being this good

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  • How is life this easy?

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  • bye
and here i thought MY gear switching is tryhard
1st and 3rd songs were good, 2nd you already use Epic PW 1v1 - EA Gameplay
I dislike clipshow, i try to understand situation , finally see everyones position and understand whats going on then start focusing on gameplay and then gets cut away zz i spend more time understanding situation than seeing your gameplay
overall good video
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nice video but i think winner Tyrants 

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i normally don't get turned on easy but this gameplay made me so hot

also, i like how you have 2 lunar capes in order for your macro to work. nice job fagget

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nice video m8 same as script   :police:

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music always make me drool
nice video brother  :normal-25:
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eyyy geofags nice video idol you still nerd O:-)  :-*

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I kneel only to God, and I don't see him here!

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''It ain't easy using script''
yo les noobs. There's a difference between an EP playing for his teammates and the teammates playing for the EP. I'm co-leading, organizing every defaults, our "TW dates", strats, etc .. I'm going first when it's tough day in office (people in guild been working 12 jobs that day), and I'm throwing the heals when we do specific tactics. In the first 10 minutes I'm buying the turrets and cata scrolls. Anyway life is tough sometimes but I'm getting paid very well (1 DT per decade). I don't care about having 32 kills, being known, I don't care having movie about me, I want to win. And you know what? I've been winning since 10 years with all of my factions. I'm not here because I'm Swane's best edate. Swane got kicked a couple of times and I've always followed him coz' I like playing with him,

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nice script
:normal-2: :normal-2: :normal-2: :normal-2:
Lolllllllllllllll omg srept user xDDDDDDDDD ahaaaaaaahaa omagie? rofl. haahaha lets cry all together over sreptz wid me! : DDD omg so noobs only artifegs use bcus so noob xDDD 
:normal-14: :normal-14: :normal-14: :normal-14: skreptz skreptz why omg ;( who else agree with me? ;//////////////
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