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Destruction Night 23/09/2015

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2 Hours Pk vs Tyrants

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new divide + stricken  :normal-26:
huge hugeee disturbed fan, great video and nice to see u recording on pc  :police:

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new divide + stricken  :normal-26:
huge hugeee disturbed fan, great video and nice to see u recording on pc  :police:
:normal-4: :normal-3:  hehe found this song lastnight haven't listen long, anyway ty :)

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Great video Debo. Loved the music.


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why does the title say 23/3/2015
:normal-9: ah shet wrong typo

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 :normal-26: i love the movie, good music my team started playing serious at last 15minutes i think
Angeldawns sins#1
Last time Tyrants GvG'd Artifex (made them disband)
proof of disbanding
Last DT 9 Tyrants vs 100 Artifex
mage v mage tournament

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goooood vid + pk
+ that high quality ....
+ had to SWITCH  music to watch sorri 

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Nice positive vibes.  :police:

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+ had to SWITCH  music to watch sorri
???? music is good, u suck
nice pk man 

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???? music is good, u suck
nice pk man
music suck sorry 
nice video + gameplay but it's tyrant maybe you only look good vs them 
suck music again 

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Intro was disturbing buuuuuut vid was great. I think the enemy forgot about this first 2 hours :))
this sig is sooooo amazing

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:normal-9: ah shet wrong typo
that's like saying hot fire, or small midget. stay in school kids.  :normal-3:

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What movie is the clip at the end from? Also good video.
Why one contradicts. We often contradict an opinion, while actually it is only the tone with which it was advanced that we find disagreeable.

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Nice Video man harpist lvl gameplay you two beer suckerz while in pk....deymn ;D