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Blue Skies 1v1 gameplay

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Nice video bro, enjoyed music aswell
never replace your guild with randoms

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what the fucken nerd macro mage?


Macro mage bruh !
Good video brother + nice music

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your a fakien homo fokien fegie rofl 
Virtus.Pro top1 team in CS:GO 2k15

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Nice video and music.

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  • ayy
Nice music Kyler, pm me for 1v1, you get easied.

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  • bye
any more spark or hiero? 
was nice vid tho

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  • why are you so mad & ez?
  • dontMad baddie kid ur not good
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what a tryhard mage ROFL

but hey, whatever floats your boat man

or sinks it

new video: TRYHARDISM http://tiny.cc/tryhardism

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  • lol u still alive?
where  2atk mag 11 ring dude?
shit mg, nice video

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nice gameplay kiddo 10/10

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  • ♥Zhoephast was here♥!ace too♥