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these hoes aint shit

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I did my best to understand this.

Several players have multiple accounts that they use. An auto login would be useless to most of the server.

I would like to point out this nifty little feature though,

If you select the little circle next to where you enter your Account Username, it should automatically remember your Username the next time you go to log in.

Should help make your life easier.  :-\

If I misunderstood what you are saying, I apologize.

Take care, lovelies! ♥

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We will get the auto log in like PWI has when we get the version of that expansion if that's the one you mean.  :-\
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:-X Please no
It will happen, sir. It will.  :normal-1: :normal-50:
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if memory serves me correctly, 1.5.4 does not have that feature, but has other nice features related to monthly logins :)

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i think he meant not having to press check in, just automatically make it put you as checked in when you log in on the event calendar 
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I log char almost daily
on every single 1
but i forget to sign in i just forget
over n over n over
so... since im logging in anyway y not make it automatically login?

no no nooooooooooooooooooo
now u all look stupid :|...

..im just trynna benifit myself here
Wow....yes, we all look stupid when YOU didn't specify. Ok. 
I think you still have to put forth SOME effort and still move your mouse just a bit and click the "Check In" button still.  :rolleyes: Also, on the newest expansion, you can miss up to 3 days and still get monthly reward plus it gives you a daily reward. I'm not sure how Agatio will do the rewards here but will be nice I am sure. 
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