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Bunnieh - Tyrants PvP

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Enjoy yourself
Don't like the music ? play your own
Video isn't fast enough and boring ? close it you don't Have to watch

Have a nice day =)



awful music video too slow and boring hope u have a bad day l0l3 jk good video meng xdd

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send utube link on skype it doesn't work for me qq

Always remember who won the last battle & made you disband

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  • easy game
  • Characters: ✿Tyrants #1
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Kareem passes lead goes afk in middle of afk tyrants still win, idk what to say about the gameplay, you are very fucking annoying dude never leave my side LOL

Always remember who won the last battle & made you disband

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Music is bad learn new genre
The video is too slow,speed up pls

Jk,nice video O:-) :-\
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Lmao, not on youtube. Houston, we've found a hipster!

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boring af

this server's hopeless with the totally unneeded alliances. idek why i bother coming back :normal-18:

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good video good CC+annoying the enemy so when you going show the skill bar xD

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Epic nice video and gameplay. Was fun pk and a good squad that we had :p
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good video good CC+annoying the enemy 
nice video , nice pk

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Nice vid, enjoyed watching it - much better with music.  ;)

Was fun pk, thanks again. ^^

P. S. And ye, you are a bad friend!  :'(  Still lub you ok. :-[

❃ Thank you ❃ Angela and Téa ❃ for the art ❃

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