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Question about channeling -99%

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I heard from my friend that if i get -99% channeling, it will be automatically increased to -95% for the balance of the game. is it true??

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If I remember correctly it is not, your channeling will be instant, but the cast time of the skills will still take the same time as usual. You can read the description of your skills and see that they are different things. This was discussed before and I am almost sure that it is not capped at 95% since I can tell the difference between 95% and 99% channel myself
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it's if u go above 99% ct that this happens, not on 99% 

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it's if u go above 99% ct that this happens, not on 99%
if you over ct it goes to 90% not 95%

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It's capped at 90 or 95% can't remember
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it Doesn't happen at 95% if u go over 99%CT  it will happen
theres a small Difference between 95% and 99% CT though.
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99% cap
go over 99% -> u go 90%
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i am -98% and its like insta cast but still there's cast bar.