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  • great one
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song list
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nice video brother
i'm always a fan of the music  :normal-25:
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only good parts 0:13-0:58 , 4:07-4:44 , 9:11-9:45, rest video feels like theres absolutely nothing happening
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Was good, but Dragun is best ea dude.

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e777777777 lmao noob ea lol
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Nice Video Geodude but Collision still best...hahayeahaha :)


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ay lmao nice video georgedude. 
malpraxis sux


Perfect gameplay bro one of the few good eas tbh and first song is the best  nice video man  :'(

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Wow I see Squishy, nice video Harry Potter.

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almost good as Octalift man good vibes nice video  8)

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Nice video dude, good music, top tier EA :police: 

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Good video bro , air PK looked good aswell.
Soochi tryhard buffing squad  :normal-3:
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when you and 3 other guilds losing to apollumi and need to find an escape


Nice video men, 10/10  b0ss
Music was :normal-26: