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I don't know if it was suggested before but i was thinking if the rank top 1 pvp players get some kind of reward for being in first page of pvp ranking idk ? and give the rewards everytime it gets reseted to the ones who were in rank top 1 , -1 or +1 ?  :rolleyes:


alrdy someone asked
all said -1
cuz alt

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+1, finalmente uma sugestão de jeito :rolleyes:

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Ye but i don't think people would make 15151 chars and log them just to kill them ... well i don't expect anything from anyone tho  , but for those who wouldn't bother and do that , me for example , would just pk around and pk could get more active , random ones etc 

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i wanna see if there is a worst try hard  tactics  more than scripts + def camping gameplay
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-1 for obvious reasons...
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-1 altho i think kills from same ip dont count but people would find a way to cheat it

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alts killing inc. so no -1.  :o


-1 we should remove the rank class list on site cus it is uselss...


I think this was suggested already and denied for whatever reason idk
+1 anyway

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well no one is gona kill alts or bother cheating anyhow, if there is a decent reward, a title maybe and 3 ets with some sts, i say 1+

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I'll sig my guild and make an massacre of unknowns to get 1st please thanksssssssss

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even without reward some ppl killing alts for show off, put a reward for it and u'll see some new names with 6-7k kills per mounth.
(i think almost everybody can bring alts with diff ip nowadays, its quite easy to do, even if they unable, they can ask friends to bring alt for them.)

the lvl of tryhardism is so high, i even see some ppl bringing +10 alts to heroic battle just for somemore rewards.
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I'll sig my guild and make an massacre of unknowns to get 1st please thanksssssssss
I almost laughed.
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