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AiZoX presents: Virtuoso - Epic Perfect World | Mage PvP

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Virtuoso - Epic Perfect World | Mage PvP

Hello !

New mage video for a change, hope you all enjoy  ;)  sorry about the screen flashes at the end.. the usual render

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Maxime it says video is private :(

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Ey boss y u post private video!?

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I first added a letter to the link by accident so it linked some random video, but video isn't private refresh and all good. Sorry LOL
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amazing script.sry i meant gameplay

Apart from the truth that you see ,Apart from the truth that you hear ,you read , you feel .
Beyond the truth of the perpetrator and the victim ,there is another truth.
When human transcends, and time and loses its meaning.
When it becomes a lifetime ,a thin red line where everything come together and end meets the beginning ...
This is the Red Circle


Nice video+gameplay+music
but damn you're using cancerous mage :normal-37:


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I just dropped my coffee cup ;3 
I fucking love the quality wtf..So good
The music is 10/10,gameplay 10/10, best coffee cup ever O:-)

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Damn do you ever lose? :normal-41:
best gameplay dude, music was pretty good too

please gimme your pc so I can play with those graphics :(

変わってしまったことに 変えられないことだらけの 覚えていて 僕のことを

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I'm half asleep. Good video, Sir. Only know genie spark. ;) ;) ;)

Art by the lovely Dendoora 

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Chat cover is best...rainbow colours so nice :-\

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Those graphics look amazing, great video senpai!! >w<

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I wish I could play with those graphics :c  , nice video Maxime  :police:

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Good video Maxime. Liked the music.

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A strong video by a strong player, loved the music and quality of the video, keep them coming.