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Hi everyone can anyone suggest some combo for veno in pvp, or just post a 1 v 1 session of veno. Thanks guys...

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Inb4 this turns into another nerf demon wf thread by Soochi.

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Hi everyone can anyone suggest some combo for veno in pvp, or just post a 1 v 1 session of veno. Thanks guys...
Skip to the bottom of the thread for choosing the right culvitation-> http://infinitum.forumotion.com/t135-sleepcat-s-venomancer-guide
Only read the build pros and cons -> http://pwi-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/Venomancer_Guide


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I play sage veno which i mainly on 1v1 on, i can maybe suggest somethings that can help, but if youre demon i suggest talk to BeWitch.


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just watch other (good) wfs 1v1ing, it helps me a lot when i'm trying to improve
(for a good wf i'd recommend BeWitch)
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Pm Nostalgia for some wfs lessons ^-^

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Well...basic chi drain combo: Chi Burn -> Chi Siphon -> Purge -> demon chi drain skill (Mo Tzu's Taunt or something).
You probably know the stunlock combo already
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Demon venomancer combo = make a strong pet with nice bleed dmg, spam chi drains purges and amps while camping def and pray to jesus for 0 defs
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i am not the best veno, but I am currently writting a guide about demon venos ! Normally it was suppose to be only to my guild but I might actually share it :) I could send it to you and when done :)

And yeah Hewitch is the god of demon venos here... Otherwise Calypso helped me a lot , he is another godly veno!

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Alek still the best, rest are tryharders.  :police: :police: :police: :police: