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Its possible make Nuema chests open 5 or 10 in row. Or increase one essence positions. Open 100 chests for nuemas taking ages  :'(

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-1 would ruin the whole economy 
Quote from: Goldengate
Feel me <3

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-1 would ruin the whole economy
u stupid...tell me why?
+1 on topic.

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-1 would ruin the whole economy
Wait wot?its only open 5 or 10 neuma chest instead by 1 how did you say it was ruining the whole economy? Your comments is invalid reason...I know you want to make forum veteran fast but not the way like this non sense comments....xD  >:(

On Topic: +1 good idea anyways :)

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Nuemas are a pain to open and then right click on them 10000 times. :-X

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I feel the pain so +1 :-*

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Sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments.

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-1 would ruin the whole economy
You are so effin retarded that it wouldnt surprise me if you actually mean it.
+1 on suggestion :police:
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ty Astralis for awesone sig

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cuz carrot said it

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-1 would ruin the whole economy

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lazy people, lazy people everywhere, deal with opening one at a time janfjsnajngklffdjgkjnkjgnkjnfjkanfjfnjkaajknvkasankjnkajvskjsvnhgjetgjsnfjwhbdjhbjfba

+1 :police:

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Yes please...I'm much too lazy to open my 100+ nuema chests one at a time..
I'd rather farm for 30 hours then sit there for half an hour-40 mins to open 100+ nuema chests xD

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-1 all Players will all Free. Go Vote