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Happy birthday GNer Fall !!!

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Today our nobest bestest, stronkest most factorest, OP barb( :tiger-43: :tiger-43: :tiger-29: :tiger-29: :pig-37: :monkey-41: ) GNer has birthday!  So happy birthday GNer Faller (un)known also (jk don't hurt me irl  :tiger-34: :tiger-37: :tiger-30: :tiger-29: :tiger-29: :pig-29: ) as a GNer Mist, Mistic, Misty, Misted, Mistered, Fog (etc.), Courtney, mate, m8, m8y, BRitish, UKanian, Tea-eater, Ging... (nvm this last one). Hope your whole future will be bestest and finally you can beat me in 1v1 m8 (which is your biggest dream)! :pig-37: :monkey-23: :tiger-23: :pig-23: :monkey-8: :pig-29: :monkey-48: Enjoy this day muchos, cause finally you can drink a cider and you won't be arrested!
P.S You are adult now

P.S 2 only know edating
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Happy birthday! Have a super duper sb-less time :P

Thanks qt Ciara

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Happy b-day nooooooob Fall  :normal-4: :normal-8:

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Happy birthday gm Fall :-*I probably won't ever meet but I'm not a noob aka jerk to everyone so have A great day and may it be the best one yet  :police: :rolleyes:

Ps shake what your momma gave u haha 

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Happy Birthday SB GN  :pig-23: :pig-23:
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SB GNs age..wth......mkaaay

Happy Birthday GN fall :normal-36:

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Happy Birthday Sb
enjoy ur day ,wish u best things xd

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happy b-day :pig-23:
make sure to stuff you face with cake :police:

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Happy Birthday Fall!  :normal-23: :normal-48: :pig-8: :pig-29: :tiger-8: :pig-48: :tiger-4: :pig-34: :tiger-23: :tiger-48: :monkey-8:

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Happy birthday Fall  O:-)
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