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i loled so fuckien hard in rl good video man

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10/10 vid cause shia surprise in background  :police:
hi im tea lol

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omgsh best song lol

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goodgame well played 

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I'm crying lmfao, nice video.

Offline Craig

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Finally some sage mg gameplay! Great vid + music made me lol :))
this sig is sooooo amazing

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 :normal-13: ur video was so inspirational brb challenging Insanity for 1v1
gotta admit rly good gameplay + music is rly good idk why 


damn give me a tit wank ;)
Dang weeds iLeikDucks ....eh!!! Good Video  :o

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LOL. was nice seeing some sage MG gameplay.

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Funny video but why don't you post our 1v1s  :monkey-39:

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OP player on every class uve played since ive known u, GGWP