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Can these be made tradable?

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I doubt I'm the first person that didn't realise they weren't tradable and wasted a lot of gold -.-
pretty much just so it dont happen to anyone in future so ye +1 or -1 :rolleyes:

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I'm not a WF player but seems reasonable +1

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Ppl still play wf's without finished gear?

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yes please :( +1 

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+1 don't see why not

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+1 just cuz I have 1000000000000000000000 in my bank that I spent 1k gold on my sin instead of veno and now they are collecting dust o.o

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it will not hurt +1

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Yes pwease +1❤

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ppl think that event tokens are tradable Q.Q


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+1 please q.q mine are dusting up on alts 

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it will not hurt +1
it will hurt EPW tho because if they make them tradable for the first 3 months no veno will be buying them from the boutique :))
Only care about her

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idk what those are
^Haha this...but sure idc +1 :P
this sig is sooooo amazing