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  • easy game
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enjoy :normal-30:

Always remember who won the last battle & made you disband

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Sweet music loser, xdddd kidding good video booboo 

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  • ay ay ay
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  • Oh I see rats catch it and kill it simple

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Good Video
Didn't like the music m8

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  • I like steak
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ty Astralis for awesone sig

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i like the musicccccc + good vid show AE who is boss  :normal-24: :normal-24:

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good vid, best mass pk sin

love that you dont cut every time when you die.

doesnt matter how good you are a sin should never lead a sq tho lol

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  • Cute damage, kid.
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Good vid, Omar.  :police: Lets show people who's boss.

get better music though....

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Lol Nice video dat nightcore doe. :D