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Artifex PvP - WR and MG POV

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Uh so yeah it's been a minute since I posted a bit of something, PK that happen yesterday in the morning, and I think after DT. :| Enjoy.

Keep it clean, click 720.


Good Stuff Brother, Nice music   ;)

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give me item for gear dude

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this game is boring and you are a bad asian player


Nice video Subonoobo

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I hate pking at swamp of wraiths cause of that mob debuff  :normal-20:

But the PK itself was good, glad to see Asian timezone still provides alot of good and worthy PK's.  Obviously more then the 2nd one lol.

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 I came to say hi , and nice video Subzeraa  :D

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how can u be subzero if ur channel that this video was posted from has 20 subs? subtwenty?!?!

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I think Sub gets more purifies than Pedro.  :)) How to make easy in enemy? Be Subzero.
Ty Mai & Leonora & Erelim
I love seans cum
inactive a bit :/

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GM pls nerf my heals. Subzeroo too stronk with them.
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good video subzero.

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Nice Video m3ng

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nice vid bro good music as well

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noob wr  :-X i was lazy to watch video  :-X