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Artifex PvP - WR and MG POV

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Uh so yeah it's been a minute since I posted a bit of something, PK that happen yesterday in the morning, and I think after DT. :| Enjoy.

Keep it clean, click 720.


Good Stuff Brother, Nice music   ;)

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give me item for gear dude

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this game is boring and you are a bad asian player


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I hate pking at swamp of wraiths cause of that mob debuff  :normal-20:

But the PK itself was good, glad to see Asian timezone still provides alot of good and worthy PK's.  Obviously more then the 2nd one lol.
never replace your guild with randoms

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 I came to say hi , and nice video Subzeraa  :D

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how can u be subzero if ur channel that this video was posted from has 20 subs? subtwenty?!?!

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I think Sub gets more purifies than Pedro.  :)) How to make easy in enemy? Be Subzero.

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GM pls nerf my heals. Subzeroo too stronk with them.

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  • Oh I see rats catch it and kill it simple

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nice vid bro good music as well

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noob wr  :-X i was lazy to watch video  :-X