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Happy birthday, Auspicious/Alex ! <3

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First off I wanna tell you that I'm glad we met, you're a very good friend of mine and we've known each other for 3-4 years. I don't wanna type a long ass text just to make it look cool, I prefer something short but that has a meaning: "Happy birthday !  You're the best, brother !"  
Have a nice day,Alex !  :normal-25:  :normal-37:
I wanted to post earlier so that I'll be the first one who does it.   O:-)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY  LOOL <3  :normal-48: :normal-47: :normal-8:
ɑѵɑtɑʀ & รigɳɑtuʀɛ ɓy ɱɛ

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so alex is ur e-date 
wow finally 

happy birthday qt !!!
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Happy birthday(in 27 mins :tiger-5: ) nooby 123 Alex :tiger-23: :tiger-48:

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happy birthday sir brother mrs Alex , have a nice day  :normal-8: :normal-48: :normal-48:

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Happy Bday Alex ! aw,cristina that's cute

Revenant was here :3 ty bae
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Happy birthday brother  :police:

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Birthday of the happiness man 

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La multi ani, now that ur 12, i dont want to ruin ur bday but ur big enough to know it, santa is not real  :'( jk dude, i hope u have a good day and i wish u all the best love u meng

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Happy birthday dude, have a good one  ^-^
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Happy birthday, have a great day! :-*

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