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Voting problem.

I have this problem since a few  days.Vote normally, but money doesn't appear on any characters even after logging in again. Why?

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Hi, I see you voted last time today at 11:46 server time and the gold has been delivered to your account at 11:55. Sometimes relog is required in order to see the delivered gold, so probably there lies the problem...

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gold come to your account after 10~15min and a relog
and if there is a problem i sure its vote sites problem not game.timeout ,ca'nt open socket
most problems u get for vote but ingame system work good.
Well, I see, now everything is fine:)

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good problem fixed :smiley: vote system even worked under ddos attacks that we had just saying ;)

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Thread is locked Cause the prob been solved :)

All credits of the Siggy go to Lucy