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AOE Purify

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It would be great if clerics had a purify upgrade that would caste a group-wide effect in the same range as the buffs or chromatic heals. Even at lvl150 I can't caste purify on a whole party fast enough and someone dies and can't be ressed in time before a boss dies or something because I'm busy trying to keep the rest of the party alive. An AoE Purify would help tremendously with that common struggle. 

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go tell this to china , and maybe u will have it in 1 year  :-X

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I need aoe stun for ea, and amp for wb pls gm
XD i am retired haha lol

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This would kill the whole point of cc skills
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Get a sage psy in your squad. Purify the psy, psy purifies the rest of the squad. :normal-37:

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can i get double fairy whit this too? :police:

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auto attack should be aoe dude
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Offline Hystereo

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Yes aswel give WRs primal Drake+ make it aoe :normal-46:

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Yes, also please make Mighty Swing AoE stun for 120 seconds, thanks.

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Make wr drake stun an aoe too please

Offline Swane

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+1 enemy die too easy, need more challenge

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Get a sage psy in your squad. Purify the psy, psy purifies the rest of the squad. :normal-37:
:normal-25: yay I feel useful!

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Offline Harry

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SoG and Sleep AOE too pls?