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new area for pk


can add teleport to this area for pk ,
 , there is fine for 1v1 too .. no air bugg n ..
its smooth area  not like sirry --> ______///////__/_.._//_// , i think other ppl dont like these area too ..

leave +/- 1

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ah that place from ROTFA , best place, not even lag , +111  :'(

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Mountains are pretty damn annoying in PK +1

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oh  +1 :-* :-* :-* :-* place for pk ofc am in

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+1, could be a great place for pk 

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+1 would be good area for pk.
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the area is wide open
i noticed few hills but u must have problems to signet there
the teleporter can be removed anytime during these 'tournaments' that was added for
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Sure why not :3 , +1 

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no new pk spot will ever be populated, just go to toa