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1337 presents- The Maestro| Mage PvP

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Here's another video, enjoy.

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What is normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly.

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Good video , and some nice 1vs1's . That CC vs XploreUranus was real LOL not a fun time for him i'm sure...
never replace your guild with randoms

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The first video i watched full length in a long time, nice one man.  ;)

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your intro looks like old windows media player :normal-2:
but for the rest its a good video

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you're unreal  there is no way someone can play mage like this , what kind of scrips or hacks do you use .. :rolleyes: , nicely done , good video brother <3 

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You know a MG is extremely good when they don't have...

1) Physical Ring on skillbar
2) Dragon Cape on skillbar

Good video my man, you're an inspiration to us all.  O:-)

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nice video amazing stunlock and gameplay 

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the part 1v1 with wb was funny  rofl, nice video  :police:
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