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The Internet of Things Questionnaire

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Good morning, day, evening Ladies and Gents

I'm sure a lot of you have heard the term "Internet of Things" or "Internet of Everything" being thrown around before.
For those of you not entirely familiar with the concept, imagine all the electronic devices in your house being able to coordinate with each other, pass information between each other and get things done without you even making them do it.

Indeed the Internet of Things has been anticipated for a long time coming. However the privacy implications of such technology are vast and need to be understood.

As part of my 4th year university research project, I've created a questionnaire that aims to help identify a few key aspects that could later be used to form the premises of an argument. If you find something like this interesting, please take some time to complete the questionnaire. It should be interesting to see what the gaming community, among others, thinks about this topic.

Thanks in advance


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i totally support the internet of things ... it could help in many ways make our life easier .. more protection and more safety .. it could watch our health yeah

but the question is  .. what if someone control your internet i mean if you get hacked .. would it still be safe or not ? ( if it's connected to the internet )
unfortunately humans using the technology to destroy each others.

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keylogger lost my banker on epw
Kinguin no chance my friend - PashaBiceps

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Apple already invented this iCloud+AppleTV+Mac+AppleToaster+iPad

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Quite an interesting topic; good luck in your studies!  :normal-8:

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good thing very interesting topic 

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Interesting, goodluck man!

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Interesting +bump
XD i am retired haha lol

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Great response already, seriously thanks everyone.


You're welcome  ^-^

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You're welcome  ^-^
Look at this n00p trying to take credit, pffft.

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I went all out and wrote paragraph at end  :police: :police: :police:

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nice stuff brent, dont create Skynet tho pls

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Think what happen if we don't have internet, we don't have social sites , we don't have e-dates , we don't have e- babies, we don't have e-children ....