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Artifex PVP - Requiem

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Video from yesterday's mass PKfrom Artifex vs Team69/Unknows/Cyan vs Outcast.

Been a while since i posted one , hope you enjoy ^
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Reserved will watch later
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Wow Eurikel so good, but I think Squishy in slow motion stole the show. 

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nice video mate that gameplay tho :o...first song please 


Damn broham, top quality video  ;)
Nice music too, track list please men 

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^__________________^ WeeabooSner made cute anime video about slaughtering easies. I like.
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Soon you reach cacapeepee's level. Nice vid bro.

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Damn. Nice video,loved the intro.
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Damn broham, top quality video  ;)
Nice music too, track list please men
is it too hard to use Shazam?..

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LOLOL easy pk nice music , great leader  :-X


is it too hard to use Shazam?..

hahahaha track list pls sner :'(

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