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Why always lag in pk time ????

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I make this post not to blame on something or someone, i know its hard for GM to solve this but i still decide to post it in case we get any solution.

As my topic title, Its too lag when pk , only pk time.

This problem has happened for about a week

and this is the first time, I get too much lag like this

We used to PvP with Warning+ pinoy G + many many others in past, there were some pk reach 100+ ppl, but as I said, this is the first time, I get too much lag like this

This only happen to us, who living in VietNam and many ppl in China.
My friend who living in Thai, she doesnt get lag.. as ppl live in EU zone too, like Ivan (Ducks)

here is some video

some were recorded few days ago

as you can see, we have full SQ at first, and ppl keep DC, lag, left SQ,.... 

This video was recorded today:

idk how to insert video to this post, so anyone can do it for me pls, i dont find out any code to insert video, so i only paste link here

GM pls take a look this topic, many ppl off cuz pissed off with this lag, and im not exception, luckily we didnt break our PC

My video already speed up x2, if u want to see how it was lag in real, slow it to 0,5 in youtube tool.

my download speed when download client of sv, any problem here? i dont think its lag randomly.

my ping in pk can reach to 15k ms, idk how it came. In login screen sv1,2,4 is about 300~500, sv3 always 3000ms, i tried all sv, but no matter...

GM, especially Agatio, pls pm me if u need more infomation, i have something which better not say here...
or u can leave me your skype id, talk by skype is easier, mine is young.clizzle


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This happens to me as well, and I'm in the US  :-\

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It seems to be happening to many outside of europe, half of my fl is constantly dcing around 13:00-16:00 server time
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It seems to be happening to many outside of europe, half of my fl is constantly dcing around 13:00-16:00 server time
It happens around the tw times too, it's only alright past midnight. And it's either, or you dc or your ping spikes from 3k to up to 30k (at least personally)
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i didnt get DC, but its lag too much and make me log off, force log off, when im dead, cant back to village, no matter howmany i click on that button, i had to log off and re-login ..... 

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For me it's the same case. I'm in eu but in mass pk or even 10v10 I get lag spikes. I can't move or even use skills. It's to the point where I need to force log off. Cause logging out won't work :))
Anyways hope you could donsomething about it. You already told us to try diff servers. This helps just a tiny bit. To the point I can use skills but with delay.
You also stated that the cpu doesn't go above 10% I get that. But something is off.

Hope you could do something for us.

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Yes gm fix it plis.  :-X


Not only during PK time  :normal-30:

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I'm in U.S. same problem  :(

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no dc but hardcore freezes for everyone , so it must be server related. rarely happens now and then so its no big deal yet

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Not only during PK time  :normal-30:
I'll link my 30k when I get home
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GM fix lag wtf ' - ' 

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I don't have a high ping at all but my game does delay like a period of a redneck 16 y/o chick and it's getting quite annoying :-X
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GM fix lag wtf ' - '
lag GM wtf fix '-' xD i had to idk

01.01.2016. ♥

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Not only during PK time  :normal-30:
I know that feeling  :'(
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