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Dyeable Titles


I think it would be a good idea for titles from the Title Manager dyeable.

Like for example, we use Random Inks to get good colours for engraves.

So, we could get Random Title Dyes for titles too. We can buy dyes from the Boutique and use them at the Title Manager with desired titles.

To conclude my suggestion, let's make
the server even more fun and lets make character customisation even more customisable. Since titles from the Title Manager last for two weeks there is no point in going against it...

Note: Everyone is different and unique. Let's respect everyone as individuals.
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i doubt it would be made, but + to it
no ty

you should at least give a reason, it's not like this suggestion is something stupid
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idk if that is actually possible
if it is, sure +1, i'd love that
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It's a cute idea. I personally would be too lazy to dye them most of the time, but i wouldn't mind having the option, if it's possible. :D

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+1 if possible but its up to gm team  ^-^

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It's a good idea but then you'd want to have something special about event titles, right now they're mostly unique by their color. Of course, you can make them dyeable too, but it wouldn't really be the same. I guess the best way of doing this would be making NPC titles available in four or five different colours, but still different colours from those you get from events.

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Why not, +1 but only the NPC titles not the ones you get from events.

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That's an amazing idea, I don't know if it's possible, but if it is, GMs should totally do it. +1 to this
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Title colors is to make some title special and some usual. If everyone color titles in random colors this significance be lost.

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Revenant was here :3 ty bae
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if the colours are different than those from events then ye, +1
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