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Client giving this error

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I start the launcher normally, it verifies client version, and after i click on Start i get this error. I've tried verifying, restarting but nothing.Please help.
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There was a thread with same error i think something wrong with ur graphic settings/drivers

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as index said you need to update your video driver card :D
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I forgot to add that the game has been working well and it actually was working a few hours before i wrote this post. My graphic drivers are up to date as well.

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I replied there: http://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=26800.msg363674#msg363674

Copy models.pck from PWI or other 1.5.1 client, Verify files and it should work.

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Thanks Index, Ahed, Tonika and Agatio.
I had a hunch it was the model.pck but wasn't sure the pwi eclipse one would work so opted to redownload. Wish i saw Agatio's comment before that QQ