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Rank 8 Armors added to Armor Fash

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Since armor fashion was introduced here, it's been pretty great. We've gotten the Rank 9 sets, the TT sets, Morai, ect, however some of the best looking sets are actually armor's that we currently have equipped.

I'm suggesting adding the armors that we have for the R8 gears to the fashion NPC as well, quite frankly because they look awesome on each class.

Don't believe me?

Switch out of fashion mode for a second and stare at your armor, they put a lot of effort into this and you probably can't even see it with all of the gem effects.

^-^ Thanks
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the sin and wf one #1
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+1, R8 armor is gorgeous. The original and recast versions.  :(
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+1 They do look nice.

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i don't like it. only +1 for sins armor :c

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harpist or harpissed?

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+1, R8 armor is gorgeous. The original and recast versions.  :(
True this, lol.

I had thought that there was a blademaster armor that was white and red w/ a scarf looking thing, but I guess not.

The male R8R compared to the female is not even comparible for blademasters

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We've also been asking/waiting for them to add lower level armors.
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New armors as fashion will be added in a patch after this one.

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Yaaaaaas +1 from moi <3


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noob question... do we already have the Omen: gear fashion or something similar looking? i didnt find something... maybe i was just blind
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