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Blame Flash`s topic!

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Hello, EPW is now entering in colapse, like our universe going to enter in around 45 years, the amount of def campers on this server is 9/10, no other server of PW use def camp modus operandis, we are the only one who camp def and messed with all the balanced game made by Beijing, where we were supposed to rely on skills and luck and now we are a bunch of camp kittys playing on backstab and this is all Flash`s fault, since he brought this game mode to our server in 2k12 and teached it to Xpendable and Xpendable after disband infected all the damn server with the def camp Virus.

Flash you messed up with the PvP of our server, how do you feel frend?

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you make Flash sad with your false accusations.

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people have been saying epw has been in collapse or dying ever since I first came to this server however long ago and they probably been saying that even before then

so even if it finally dies 5 years later or some shit people will still say "I told you so"

there's always something on this game that makes people say it is dying but as far as I've seen, it's been steadily trekkin on 

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 I agree man! Flash you tryhard why did you mess up the game?!
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damm marko why you do this to us brother  :normal-2: :normal-13: :normal-2:
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first this and then everyone running around with z and x in name come on marko  :(

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Man someone make Marko to read this post LOOOOOOL ! 

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damn i think it is all xpendable fault they are hacker + cheater ingame just ban all for justice on the server!!!
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Fck u zBaddiex u messed up everything i h8 u
XD i am retired haha lol

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its not the def thats a problem, its the insta switch, if u would change all those gears manually u'd take atleast 2 seconds in which u'd be vulnerable if u really wanna do that
but hey :police: now is insta
:police: :police: :police: fun :police: :police:
best of them all was that chino with name zCashx in S.KOREA
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