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That moment when ...

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Well we all a "that moment when ..." you feel like do something or say ... so lets see!
Mine is atm : That moment when you want to smash your phone!!!

Keep it nice and clean. Thank you ^^
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that moment when am wondering what is this for

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That moment when i want to eat but the fridge is fkin empty.

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That moment when you realize your still playing this old ass game.
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I always feel like burning someone(Sadly i cant make it)... So it cant be considered something like "That moment" since it happens constantly. :(

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That moment when you see two girls about to make out in public but your dumbass friends has to give you a irl facebook update.


That moment when you want to jerk it, but you just jerked it 5mins ago

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I always feel like burning someone(Sadly i cant make it)... So it cant be considered something like "That moment" since it happens constantly. :(
where have you been all my life?

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That moment when you have your window open and some weird smell of a fish comes in from your neighbour... :normal-5:

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Uh, that moment when you're having dinner at hard rock's cafe?
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that moment when everyone is quite except you :/ 

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That moment when she's got nothing underneath

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That moment when you hand  your phone to someone to show them just one pic, and they start scrolling through the rest...awkward :/

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That moment when you got the build a bear you wanted, and your dog is plotting to steal it from you to rip it apart.  :'(
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That moment when both your hands aren't big enough to grip your sausage

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