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HP/MP Charm In Boutique

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Is it possible to add HP/MP charms in the boutique? Because sometimes i run out of them mainly HP inside instances that you can't buy them and you can't leave because quests or whatever fails, such like Nation Wars i'd say to make them like 10 silver each it would be pretty cool and helpful 
also i don't know if such suggestion was ever made and rejected before but i couldn't bother searching through all of them.
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Sure, wont hurt anything +1
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Would save porting to a town in pk to buy a charm :normal-25:

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+1 why not, aslong as not removed from Gods Giving
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+1 maybe the server will PK more?

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Wouldn't change a thing for me since I keep 3 of each in reserve, around with a few stacks of resurrection scrolls and guardian scrolls xD
On the other hand, there is absolutely no harm in doing so. One minor problem I can see is that newer players MIGHT end up wasting some silver on charms thinking it's boutique exclusive but that's all very minor anyways.


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+1 why not, especially when you run out of mana charm during pk xD
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I think there is a reason why items like that aren't in cubi shop, like crab meat and pots,  but Im not sure. +1 anyway

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