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Just a brief note to Agatio and the team ... I love just about everything about EPW; it's the way that *other game* should have been. I played that other game for near six years, cussing it most of the time for PWE's greed. Bumped into a GM (Majestic) this morning -- he was very nice. I don't recall ever having seen a GM in the other game.

Anyway, thank you, guys, for making this such a great experience.

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Awww what a very nice post. Thank you.   :monkey-1: :monkey-23:
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Epic has the best GM's out of any other game/server I've played on, hands down. It's one of the things that really kept me interested when I first came here.  ;)
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best gm's except Alexy cuz bully :'(


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awww....so nice of you man.

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It's all good until Kera teams up with Pete and bully you so hard you will be frightened to log on for the next 5 months.

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goosebumps except for Fall he suck wahahahahahaha :D  


goosebumps except for Fall he suck wahahahahahaha :D

Fall =  he Lellooolel  ??? ??? ??? ???

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Thats nice of u
and ye i agree, its better than on other servers
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Magestic on his forum alt nice try

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