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EPW Artifex~ My Life Be Like

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pk of today i got late in that pk but meh


first . nice vid fanta boy :D


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was good pk. nice video noki   :normal-35:
never replace your guild with randoms

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The intro was like soft, gentle, and emotional and then " My life be like " ...... it ruined the intro lol

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whaaaaaaat that intro is so nice o.o well done Noki , now gib song from intro tho  :normal-4: :normal-4:

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the intro was nice u kinda ruined it whit the my life be like , didnt rly like the song .
8/10 :D intotal ok video  ;)

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maybe you should use less red colours in your intro lol

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was good pk. nice video noki   :normal-35:
was good the fact that wasen't a in usual pk spot tbh.