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Help please!

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I don't understand.. i log in into the game... and it shows me the id and password space. Then i wrote the EXACTLY id and password that i have, with no mistake i know for sure because i tried for more than 10 times... and every time it says : "Incorect id or password" or something like that. Any help, please? :D

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You might have made a forum account but not a game account. On the top of this page should be a bar leading to "Home" "Forum", etc. All the way to the right there's "Register". Hover your mouse over it and click,"Game account" And sign up for a game account. You can make it the same as your forum account too if it's easier for you. Hope I helped, let me know. :P
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Well, i didn't see that one coming. I'll try it on. Thx a lot :D

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can u please let us know if that was the problem?