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EPW - Artifex Vs Warning+Ducks (Sirry PK)


-Warrior PoV-
Short Video of 40 Mins Good PK Yesterday (19.06.2015)
Nothing Extra Special from Gameplay side But I hope you Enjoy Music.
(Do Not Own Any Music)

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Good Job brother
Hard music for easy PvP (I see what you did there)
To bad I had go, we could of destroyed those signets together.

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Good video, this was a really good pk actually. Most enjoyable one in 2-3 weeks. Should repeat it tonight before NW

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Was glad to finally have some mass pk after
coming back to the server. Hope we get more
of this in the near future as well. Good squad.
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nice vid
was fun pk : )

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not bad not bad, 1st n 2nd dont get along so good
still best wife dude wtf
and i thought my trademark was 2-3 personal EPs?  :o


Nice video, whats name of last song dude


About time we got some good PK ty to warning + ducks, bringing bk PK to epic me likes.

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I'm randomly in the squad xd

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Nice video, whats name of last song dude
Angerfist - Guts Full Of Lead 
I think

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Kill the boy, Jon Snow
And let the man be born.

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 Seems like a boring pk , music was ......................... But wow pk!!! 

Offline Harry

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I think the title is slighty wrong.
Good video however. I liked the music.

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Look at this noob wr :o The music is nice ^^ good video also.
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3