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A more simple, elegant looking patcher

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So I made my own custom EpicPW patcher :)

It has:
- New click sound that is more subtle.
- Unique icon (Never liked the yellow and red chinese one).
- Entire new look

Many of the obnoxious things from the original are fixed.

- Button hitboxes are now the same shape/size as the buttons
- drop-down menu's are proper width
- scroll aligned properly

It's about 95% complete.
A download link is here.  

If you want to use the new icon just move 'Epic PW.exe' in the folder as your 'patcher.exe' and run it. You can delete the old one if you want.

There are some current screenshots of it here
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Could you please modernize your EpicPW patcher? I made one for epicPW in my spare time, which can be downloaded from ...... It is about 90% complete.

Looks nice, but you should fix the center area to match the size pf images IMHO
Anyway I'm looking forward to see how it will come out.

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Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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nice work but i doubt it will be used  :-X

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looks nice ;)
need some more touches.
i would say smaller in size to fit the images in the center, the patch-USA doesnt seem to fit the button....etc...
small touches as i said, keep up the good work it seems to go in a good way :-\

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make new loading screens too plz

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It's good but I prefer the current one. :(

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have the picture in the middle fixed, aparting that i like it alot more. if all the buttons work fine,  and there isn't a massive transperant space where i can drag the patcher around my desktop when im trying to click other tabs behind it. you have my vote +1

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I feel like this one would make my potato computer lag less.


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Ofc. current one's fine the same as all previous ones but i like change :) Current one's been there for too long, will be nice to change it up every so often.

Like other's have said, needs few more finishing touches. Looks promising though. Simple and subtle.

Personally though the progression bars, check boxes/circles and the petal strokes is a little too pink for my liking. Would suggest to continue that with the same colour scheme as the forums and use panel. Maybe lean more towards a slightly brighter blue o.o 

Keep up the good work :)
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