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was a fun tw noki, nice video bby <3

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Another good video.Thanks for sharing. :)
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was a fun tw noki, nice video bby <3

ty #1 pve warrior of tera


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im almost in full pvp gear :p
waste cuz new gear coming out in 15 days


waste cuz new gear coming out in 15 days
liked vid .
wat gear ???

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Nice vid, thanks for TW

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Nice video brother,  was a good TW, Warning improving slowly , was enjoyable, hope they keep it up.
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Good video, liked the music. Always good to have you in pt.  ^-^

But your danmachi sig is bad. ;)

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Nice vid, nice 3 spark lolol. Ice God psy putting in hard work. 

Good win for artifex, good job everyone