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Morai skills (Listed by orders)

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For all of you who are (like me) lazy to search each order to find certain skills :3
*note 1: The numbers in brackets shows their lvl and thus whether they're a basic or an advanced skill (80=Basic skill; 100=Advanced skill)
*note 2: If there are some skills which you can't find here, or isn't 79/100, it means that skill is an AEU one and can be found in the Universe Chests, or bought from other players

Archer: Arrow Inferno (100)Archer: Leap Left (100)
             Leap Right (100)
Archer: Galvanic Charge (80)
              Ataraxia (100)
Cleric: Violet Dance (80)
            Aurora Blast (80)
            Aurora Burst (80)
            Ancestor's Blessing (100)
Cleric: Mark of Weakness (100)Cleric: Pious Blessing (100)
Blademaster: Flame Tsunami (100)Blademaster: Sword Cyclone (80)
                       Reckless Rush (100)
Blademaster: Reel In (100)
Wizard: Spacial Reversion (80)
              Life Reversion (80)
              Ice Prison (100)
Wizard: Sand Miasma (100)Wizard: Arcane Defense (100)
Venomancer: Soul Link (80)
                       Blazing Barrier (100)
Venomancer: Bewitch (100)Venomancer: Natural Synergy (100)
Barbarian: Blood Rush (100)Barbarian: Berserker's Rage (80)
                   Raging Slap (100)
Barbarian: Cornered Beast (100)
Assassin: Spoils of War (100)Assassin: Shadow Sight (100)Assassin: Death Link (80)
                Share the Stealth (100)
Psychic: Veil of Shadow (80)
              Telekinesis (100)
Psychic: Psyonic Link (100)Psychic: Spirit Phalanx (100)
Mystic: Transfusion (80)
             Mass Resurrection (100)
             Verdant Blessing (100)
Mystic: Invigorate (100)-
Seeker: Radiant Sight (100)Seeker: Angels of Justice (80)
             Transposition (100)
Seeker: Sacrificial Slash (100)
Stormbringer: Cloud Cover (89)Stormbringer: Lunar Sacrifice (89)Stormbringer: Waxing Crescent (89)
Duskblade: Annuler Eclipse (89)Duskblade: Night Howler (89)Duskblade: Umbral Stalker (89)
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Thank you, the one on PWI was too cluttered, loosely organised, had too much useless (already known) information, and no way to jump between classes.

This is a huge help.
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