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Why is it that all Characters in NS why are they very crucial to weak characters they are farming for EC to become strong wait until they are strong lets dance!!!!!   :P :P :P
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Offline Neve

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because they are bored and don't care.
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Offline Harry

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I don't understand why people percieve NS as a balanced, fair farming (and PK) environment. It's not, and it will never be. If you could get 200 ec from someone in Nirvana gear, I'd take it and anyone that wants ec would too.

Offline Tonika

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NS was not made to be purely a farming instance. It was also created to bring some PK. There are plenty other ways to farm EC. 

A guide here:
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because im the best and killing nerds makes me better kid  :police:

Offline Saibai

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Ive enjoyed both the farming and the PK there. Sometimes one more then the other and I will KOS anyone I see ganking someone in lower gear if I can spot it because that's BS.  Note is anyone hit me or a faction member well its free reign the but that's a lil different XD.
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