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We come back and this happens... #MoltBros #PiratePkBros

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Nice video btw  :-\
Ty Mari, Dendoora, and Leonora

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Hmm, nice teamwork. Welcome back 

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Well produced
The switching between classes makes it interesting to watch.

However for the next video, should you decide to make more, try to include more 2v2 or 2v3s. Since it's easy to kill someone when it's 2v1.

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Was wondering where these two ran off to. Good to see you back. That rape at NS tho.  ???

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I kneel only to God, and I don't see him here!

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What happens?
didnt you see?
loads of 2v1's vs dragon geared people on NS, prefer with the cleric DDing from air to ground

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all due respect, not exactly fun watching a video where all i see is an ea doing weird actions, cant see anyone just names and movement! Idk man, maybe videos aint for everyone?
I feel the same for this video :)
Kinguin no chance my friend - PashaBiceps
As from what i heard and seen , this 2 ( or 1 , nobody canceled split personality who knows) never accept 2v2 nor 1v1. uploading pk vid. in NS again were half of the object there's blue named people with hardly average gear, not to mention their pvp level! embarrassing "miniaturized pk" 2v1 were you was pretty close to die at those blue name sin even tho you had cleric in squad... just why.. :tiger-2:

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Welcome back, really cute video and it looked fun, two person pov was nice. I agree though that you should add some fair fights, although your theme is 'pirates'.

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Well at least you tried :police: