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Artifex PVP - Warmup rounds MG PoV

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Been a long long time since i have not joined any mass PK on my MG, so i'm very rusty , not the best gameplay. Still able to make it with 0deaths.

Trying out something different for music, since it's been asked a couple times. Hope you enjoy.

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you should play mg more u die less on it ^>^

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Noob MG :normal-37: nice video pedro ^^
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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you should play mg more u die less on it ^>^
-silently gives credit to the both of us + Kailyn-

Anyway. Fire shield swag mode activated.
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Nice Video man,
Not My Favorite music
Was Fun Pk
As always nice editing brade
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Good one man nice video

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  • great one
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Was a fun pk, wish I recorded also
good vid bro mg POV always entertaining 

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High quality music and video.  The Sner Army will be proud.

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0/10 sht mage look at that bag organization oh my god uninstall dude

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Our team winnered dude.
Good mage gameplay.
Sweet effects sir Overawe.

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  • holla holla get dolla

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