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Is it possible to remove DS being farmable from NS or at least make those ones unable to trade and account stashed , this necklace was supposed to be special now it's just common , market for these are messed up

Also is it possible to have a small upgrade to WS and DS like a 2atk lvl for the DS and 2def lvl for the WS that can be upgraded keeping the engraves you had previously farming a special mat from the 2nd part of cube … nothing that would be too easy but at the same time it can be done solo

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somebody feel easy :c -1 anyways

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I don't think Agatio can do that w/o you losing your engraves ( i remember him saying something like that but im not 100% sure)

As for ds in ns, -1 for removing it, -1 to making it not account stashable +/-1 on making them untradeable, i'm kinda neutral about that part but i honestly don't feel like the price has dropped very much or the market is overflooded with them but then again i can't say i look out for them overly much.
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You lost me at the 2nd part q.q
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I think I read somewhere a suggestion about making exchanges of engraves at HUGE ec costs. Like you already have a necklace attk2dex pdef to exchange these engraves on mdef belt

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+1 to removing DS from NS price is dropping to almost 6k ec per ds now -.-
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-1 why make things suddenly harder for newcomers?  ???

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Can't upgrade accessories and keep the engraves :/

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+1 to the first, ds barely sells anymore unless you have good as hell engraves
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Why is everyone even QQing about this? If you want to trade items in a market where parameters will never change, go back to PWI... This is a universal feature of any game; an item is released = high price, and in a couple of years = ridiculously low.


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The moment when haters become fans *rofl*