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Base attack level?

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Okay so, I was messing around with my mage and ea's gear, figured my mage had more atk level engraves (3 atk more than my ea) but in the character menu (letter C screen pop up...thingie) my mage has only 1 atk level more than my ea, so I took off the gear of both. Without any gear my ea has 11 atk level while my mage only has 9..Later I used  an eye of observation on Zhake, another mage, gear wise he has only 1 atk more than me but according to the eye he has 2 atk more. So Im really confused about what affects the base atk level we have and how to increase it or if it's random

TL; DR Why is my atk level gearless lower compared to others and how to modify it
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...avatar cards off right?

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Did you count the cards?  ;D


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Did u forgot to look at Cards?
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lets be captain obv: did you look at the cards bruv???

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...avatar cards off right?
Well, I feel dumb now, gm close this please  :(
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Well, I feel dumb now, gm close this please  :(
Locked per request. 
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