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Nation War-Cataclysm!

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Random clips from today's nation war
No defense rune
Edit: changed video name Solitary to Cataclysm because i didn't like it

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What's mine is yours and whats yours, well i've probably already had.
Maybe an uncle, grandpa, grandma, ex gf, highschool teacher, Walmart coworker, McDonald employee, your dentist, dying sister, mom, dad, the crackhead around the corner, your edates ex, you ex edates ex edates boyfriend,  sister's cousin's cousin's dog, father's uncles grandmother, your weedman, coke dealer.

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nice vid
but ur still bad
useless vit barb =\
made me rage quit game for few min
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ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ....

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Your video is so bad, it went to jail....

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  • L♥

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I'm blue da ba dee da ba die

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Ooh a NW vid! Nice lol I get to watch how NW is like since I never get to attend it anyway ;D
Ty SnowLily for avvy ♥ and Angie for siggy ♥

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Buster tanks forever!! >:D

   Shazzy my cutie wifu!
✿   Ty Royal for the lovely art   ✿


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I saw the blue cover for your chat and I was like "mkay..." then I couldn't take my eyes off it and I was like "Never mind, I'll listen to pink fluffy unicorns". Sorry for r00dness sir :( :(
New guy using this character.