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Spirit of Assault


as Fab Suggestions x.x here
there is Spirit of Assault for Spirit of Defense 2:1
so i was about ask if can make Spirit of Defense to Spirit of Assault 1:2
by mistake i made about 5/4k spirit of defense x.x and now need  assault also a bit lazy to farm aba for this .. or log wb for buff
would not hurt anyone  :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
no hate if got something to say ,say it x.x

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I think very good suggestion +1 I did same by accident
harpist or harpissed?

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1. You are ugly.
2. Yeah why not +1. It wouldn't hurt


1. You are ugly.
2. Yeah why not +1. It wouldn't hurt
ur ugly too np

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+1 I think this is a good idea.
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+1 I dont see why not. Its a good idea.


+1 I dont see why not. Its a good idea.
ty madam  O:-) O:-)

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Good idea dude i think +

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+1 Don't see the harm in that. Plus the spirits of defence/assault want equality too haha

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Seriously people get a life...

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Seriously people get a life...

look whos talking... the person who has nothing better to do than tell ppl to get a life on a suggestion thread.... lol.
+1, i'd be fine with a 2:1 ratio like for the spirits of def too as long as we can exchange them.
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1. You are ugly.
2. Yeah why not +1. It wouldn't hurt
yes he is
and ok i'll +1 for you nub