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Erelim's Bannerworks [Open]

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Hello, reopening shop for the time being, not sure how long it'll be around.
I just finished some requests while I kinda closed the shop a few months back.
It was nice, so decided to reopen for now and make some more.

A YouTube Banner will cost you around 7,5k ec.
I'm up for more design works other then banners, but we can talk about that in private.

Finished works/examples

More examples here

Upcoming banners
1. GokuVII
2. Rachel
3. RM
4. Leonora
5. Jasmine
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Nice collection bro

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wew very organized collection of destruction, lukin good brother!
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Still bad
Nice collection tho  :police:

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very uwaw bro, very nice  :police:

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Nice man        

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This is a brilliant idea! And organized so well, mucho enjoyable :)

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Very nice idea Erelim  :tiger-3:

I answer to you in this thread ^^ Nice videos. I think you just need a picture on the top for a better look  :tiger-40:

Good luck friend and I follow you in YouTube now   :tiger-42:  :tiger-37:

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Very nice idea Erelim  :tiger-3:

I answer to you in this thread ^^ Nice videos. I think you just need a picture on the top for a better look  :tiger-40:

Good luck friend and I follow you in YouTube now   :tiger-42:  :tiger-37:
Ah thanks! Yes I was thinking of a banner but not sure what I want in it yet police
Glad you like it mate

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Secondly I'm also starting to sell channel art.
I've thought long on pricing but I decided it'll be different for each project.

Channel art stands for everything related to your YouTube channel. Perhaps you're looking for a banner,  a catchy avatar, or a strong introduction for your channel. In that case, this might be your place to be!

Finished Projects:


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Good job on chill's banner and avatar.
And mine ofc.