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Cleric POV | Artifex vs. Warning (Yay us) 4/25/15

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I finally managed after many tries to upload a video with music everybody can listen to/watch, heres a video of my ep against Warning, I hope you enjoy! Thank you for watching!

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Already watched , very good video Miki. Well done buddy


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Super good video by an amazing cleric.  ;)
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Another vid from one of my fave clerics, nice one!
And the music reminds me of super mario type of games or something lol
<3 Mikiboo <3

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u love that wep fash  don't u ? lol nice video miki liked the music

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Great video, was smooth TW


Amazing video miki! teach me ep please :c

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Amazing video miki! teach me ep please :c
join arti we teach about everything

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You forgot to resummon your piggy!!!!!
The anger after your victory was real though, huh? The attacks just wouldn't stop incoming.
Awesome job as usual idol ep  :monkey-48: :monkey-29:
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sexy video as you miki :3
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This pedro put kareem and I in a RISKY TASK .