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Warning vs Virus

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No ego fights, wanted to share some material instead of deleting it. Maybe u like it



nice vid harp, you are ok.

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Good vid, and Virus giving nice pk xD :tiger-40:

Online Aleх

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I really enjoyed watching it , nice video harp , virus give us better pk then .... Yea.

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Nice video harp , good fight virus

Online Skazy

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awesome video pk ;D good fight virus  >:D :)) :))

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the you on me, the you on me giiirl. Virus is good guild but warning is on another level , nice vid and gameplay + best music

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Nice, my respect to virus though ;)

Offline Sokien

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Love the song so much. I haven't listened to it for years. Good video.

Thanks Neve

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Awesome pk honestly they giving us alot pk had fun pking agaisn't em, nice video  :police:

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virus is the only faction that pk without drama , nice video tho

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